People Confessed Their Worst Love Making Experience & They’re Awkward


Love making has to be one of the most satisfying and ecstatic feelings of the world. But, at times, things do not go as planned, as these people confessed. Life is not a fairy tale, come on! Terribly awkward things do happen. People confessed their worst love making experience on Reddit. So, I compiled the funniest ones and here I am bringing you all a compilation of worst love making experience that people confessed.

Read the article further to know more about how people confessed their worst love making experience. And, trust me, these are downright awkward.

1. A guy I was fu*king had a cocaine overdose mid s*x stroke. He’d done a sh*t load before s*x, and just as it was going well he starts shaking and sweating and then has a seizure. I call 911, I’m standing over him bu*t nak*d, I’m in such a state of shock I end up opening the door nak*d when the paramedics came and didn’t realize it until one of them suggested I put some clothes on. Worst night ever. Luckily the guy went to rehab after he survived.


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2. A guy that mouthed out the alphabet while we were doing it. Not a word, just the faces. A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I… his mouth wide open and his eyes clutched shut. When he got to the end he started over again. Took a while to realize what he was doing. I have no idea why he was doing it, though. It was just bizarre.

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3. First time I tried an*l with the girlfriend, we, per everyone’s advice, used a lot of lube. Unfortunately, the lube I bought was “warming” sensation and immediately upon getting my d*ck in there she starts screaming and runs out of the room.

– tarheels86 

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