Misleading Myths And Facts About Sexual Health That You Should …


There are a lot of misleading myths and facts about sexual health throughout the web. Probably you must have read it too like, can you really get an STI from shaking hands with someone? Sexual health is an important and integral part of overall health. When we are sexually healthy we make the best decisions for us that we can with regard to our sexual partners and sexual practice.

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We have gathered some misleading myths and facts about sexual health that each of us should know so that the next time you know what true and what’s just a myth!

1.You can’t get an STI from oral s3x.

People think that you can get STI from oral s3x but that is not true. Not all STI can be transmitted to the other while having oral s3x. For example, if your partner has a cold sore and performs oral s3x on you, you could become infected with herpes in your intimate area.

facts about sexual health

2.You can get an STI from a toilet seat.

You can never get STI from sitting on a toilet seat. You get it by having s3x or by skin to skin touching.

facts about sexual health

3.A girl can’t get pregnant the first time she has s3x.

This isn’t true. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first time; it’s totally possible that you can get pregnant. The only way to prevent pregnancy is use protection.

facts about sexual health


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