Guys, You Need To Follow These Basic Steps To Control Your Lady When She Is On Her Periods.


No boyfriend in this world can deny facing the universally approved ‘Emotional Trauma’ that particularly indicates that your lady is on her periods. She can go all happy, cranky, sad or she may go mad at you for no reason at all. To be truthful, it is definitely not her fault. This is that specific duration when her uterus goes crazy just because the egg it released was left unfertilized and it finally decides to take its revenge!

Here are some of the basic steps that will help you control your girl when she’s on her periods.

1. Get this fact right in your brain for rest of the life.

When she is menstruating, she will undergo a lot of body changes and mood swings. It is not her who is freaking out at the very next moment, her hormones are. Let her eat and rest.

Basic steps to control your lady when she is on her periods. Via

2. Say no to surprises.

Who knows when the situation can turn worse than expected? Afterall, Prevention is better than cure. She’s definitely gonna react according to her mood and that is something you really can’t be sure of. She can be anxious, she can be depressed or she may be agitated. Keep your ideas on a hold for this duration.

 Basic steps to control your lady when she is on her periods.Via

3. Keep her favourite food ready.

She needs to eat when she’s down. It can be quite typical for her to control cravings for her favourite snacks. After all, she may feel exhausted after losing blood from her body. And make sure that you don’t ever look or point over the amount of food she’s eating. This is one of the most important basic steps you need to follow.

Basic steps to control your lady when she's on her periods.Via 


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